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Bowen Therapy

Pain & Stress Relief Beyond Belief

Bowen Therapy - Pain & Stress Relief Beyond BeliefHealing and balance comes from within...

Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive technique toward the resolution of the effects of stress, chronic and acute conditions. This technique stimulates your own internal healing centres. Your body will shift from stress mode to rest, relax and repair mode. This ‘bodywork’ is applied to muscles, tendons and ligaments, signalling the brain’s own corrective energy generating system. Essentially, each focused muscle movement directs the central nervous system to heal itself!

A series of cross-fiber moves are applied to precise anatomical mappings; each set in a session requiring an interval of tranquil ‘assimilation’ time. The time necessary for one visit is contingent of the need of the client, but rarely exceeds an hour. Bowen Therapy saves your money as you will feel improvements in fewer sessions than other modalities, often including complaints you didn’t even mention! This accelerated healing rate also offers longer lasting relief!

The discovery of this practice by Therapist Tom Bowen of Australia (1916-1982) was isolated for a Governmental inquiry where an incredible 80-85% success rate was documented in the treatment of approximately 13,000 patients a year! Since then Bowen has treated millions in over 36 countries.

“I have greatly enjoyed the caring, compassionate and highly skilled touch of Patty Levesque giving me Bowen therapy. I know my body feels much more flexible and strengthened after each thoroughly enjoyable session. Patty is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her.” 
Joanne Gardner

Bowen Therapy Rate:  $70.00 per session;  $60.00 for Seniors + HST