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EDS – Electro-Dermal Screening Herbal Testing

Electro-Dermal Screening, Phoenix Wellness Centre, Whitby

EDS – Electro-dermal Screening
Organ Stress Testing with Botanical Herbal Balancing

EDS developed in the 1950’s in Germany by Dr. Voll. The Practitioner takes energy readings of deficiency or excess on the body’s organs using point probe on the acupuncture meridian points on the hands and feet. Then, test vial samples of over 300 different botanical herbs are used to balance the organs. The result is a ‘customized individual herbal remedies’ that are specific for your body. 

“I Have known and worked with Patty for some years now and have been associated with her and her endeavours to the point where I can assure you that she is capable, diligent, thoughtful and a credit to her profession.”

Dr. Earle Sweet D.C. M.H. D.N.M.

Rate for EDS Screening:  $125.00 + HST