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Jade Esthetics

RED Circulation
Red Circluation Ruby for Jade Esthetics

SCARLET Aphrodisiac
Scarlet Aphrodisiac GARNET for Jade Esthetics

ORANGE Lymphatic
Orange Lymphatic Carnelian for Jade Esthetics

YELLOW Digestant
Yellow Digestant Citrine for Jade Esthetics

LEMON Laxative
Lemon Laxative Peridot for Jade Esthetics

GREEN Equilibrator
Green Equilibrator Jade for Jade Esthetics

Turquoise Toner Aquamarine for Jade Esthetics

BLUE Anodyne
Blue Anodyne Lapis Lazuli for Jade Esthetics

INGIGO Sedative
Indigo Sedative Sapphire for Jade Esthetics

VIOLET Nervine
Violet Nervine Amethyst for Jade Esthetics

PURPLE Relaxant
Purple Relaxant Iolite for Jade Esthetics

MAGENTA Auric Tonic
Magenta Auric Tonic Rose Quartz for Jade Esthetics

Microcurrent Massage and Tesla High Frequency Therapeutic Unit

Esthetics is commonly thought of as having a sense of the beautiful, but scholars know it as the ancient study of sensory values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste. Judgments of esthetic value clearly relies on our ability to discriminate at a sensory level. This discrimination can dramatically affect one's health. Jade Esthetics studies new ways of seeing and of perceiving the world, bringing better health to individuals. There are traditionally 5 sensori-emotional avenues:

It all began in 1978 when the developer began his research. It all blossomed when he developed electronically assisted massage and later added sound and color to the massage dynamic. Prof. Charles is today's father of micro-current massage. In addition to your hands, now your work can be frequency specific. Today we are the leading system of full body massage and rejuvenation. Now you can add micro-massage, high frequency therapy, homeotherapeutics, and color photons to your body work! Saves time and dramatically improves results and patron satisfaction.

Since 1985, Dr. McWilliams has developed Jade Esthetics TM with his methods and inventions for esthetics and body culture. In classical esthetics, human figure and form is the collection of all attributes including body postures, muscular movements of walking, running dancing, etc., facial expressions, symmetry in art and beauty, which come under human figure. Esthetics also includes the study of sensory (as tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory, optical, taste) discriminations and their improvements to develop quality of life.

  • Beautification: regaining facial symmetry, removing wrinkles and creases.
  • Revitalization: removing muscular knots and energy blockages.
  • Tonification: of elastic fibers, droopy eyes, dropped neck, crow's feet.
  • Relaxation: back shiatsu and massage for tense muscles, stress.
  • Restoration: hair loss, pale skin, numbness, flaccid muscles.
  • Eradication: blemishes, scars, keloids, tetters, rash, etc.
  • Nutrification: dry skin, hair loss, oily skin.
  • Sedation: discomforts, aches and pains, spasm, soreness, etc.
  • Diminution: slenderizing, puffiness, bloat, distension, billowing.

Complete educational systems package with online lessons, practical wisdom and sacred knowledge to apply these arts:

  • Aesthetherapeutics TM
  • Aromatherapeutics
  • Astrotherapeutics TM
  • Balneotherapeutics
  • Chromotherapeutics
  • Crystalotherapeutics TM
  • Dietotherapeutics TM
  • Electrotherapeutics
  • Exercise Therapeutics
  • Floritherapeutics TM
  • Heliotherapeutics
  • Homeotherapeutics
  • Hydrotherapeutics
  • Hypnotherapeutics
  • Iontotherapeutics TM
  • Magnetotherapeutics
  • Massotherapeutics
  • Nutritherapeutics
  • Phototherapeutics
  • Phytotherapeutics
  • Pneumatherapy
  • Reflexotherapeutics TM
  • Sonotherapeutics TM
  • Thermotherapeutics TM
  • Vibratherapeutics TM

Jade’s 20+ year history represents a milestone of developments in aesthetics, body work, massage and rejuvenation. Massage is one of humanity’s oldest therapeutics. Micromassage (reflexotherapy) has long been used historically for pain relief and led to the development of acupressure. Electromicromassage developed originally by Jade’s founder, Prof. [Dr. of Med.] McWilliams as early as the 1980’s has lead to many advancements. The Professor’s famous 20 minute Micromassage Facial removes five years of appearance off the average stressed face in a single treatment. His lymphatic drainage removes up to 12 body inches in tissue swelling from the very first treatment. His systems have been clinically researched on Nevis island for over twenty years and practiced by hundreds of others worldwide. Regional electromicromassage addresses directly the patient’s chief complaints while esthetically improving the appearance of normalcy.